What is the push addon?

The push addon makes it possible to send files directly from MediaLab to external FTP servers. Here is how it works:

  • Navigate to Control > Push
  • Add a new push destination by pressing “Add”, and fill out the form:
    • Name: the name of your push destination.
    • Host: the hostname or IP address of the target FTP server.
    • Port: In most cases this is 21 for FTP servers.
    • Username: your FTP username.
    • Password: your FTP password.
    • Folder: the folder on the FTP server to upload the files to.
    • Categories: select the categories this push profile will be available for.
    • Overwrite existing files: if the target file already exists on the FTP server, should it be overwritten?
    • Auto-push & Auto-push XML: when auto-push is enabled, all incoming files for the selected categories will be pushed to this destination automatically.
    • Users: select the users who will receive a notification when files have been pushed to this destination.
  • Press “Save” to add the new profile.

You can now send files to this destination from any folder using the “Push” button.

Please note you must be administrator to access this feature, and the push addon must be turned on for your Lab. The push addon is not available for free accounts. If the push addon is not enabled for your Lab, please contact us and we will enable it for free.

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